Thursday, November 7, 2013

WHY WE RIDE - a documentary film that shares the passion of motorcycle riding

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Why We Ride
An inspiring celebration of the motorcycling community, Why We Ride is a documentary film that shares the passion of motorcycle riding and shows the camaraderie of the friends and families who ride together. As told by the many racers, riders, pioneers, and parents in the sport, the story weaves its way through generations of  motorcyclists who live each day to the fullest on their twowheeled machines. The refreshing message about the joys of motorcycling, coupled with state of the art photography, capture the imagination and set the soul in motion. (Running time 90 minutes)
Part # DV1156
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“An unabashed love letter to all things motorcycle, the documentary "Why We Ride" will surely warm the souls of bike enthusiasts while prompting many non-riders to join the fold.”
“It could in fact be one of the best movies-as-sales-tools to speed down the pike in some time.”
- Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times

“Anyone who has ever ridden a motorcycle or has ever shown an interest  in motorcycling in general will get it….Scratch that…. anyone who has ever been passionate about anything will get it. I’d watch it again.”
-Jordan Mastagni, Bagger Magazine

“Why We Ride is a beautiful, moving film.” – Tim Buche, Motorcycle Industry Council
We saw this movie in a pre-release presentation at the Powersports trade show in
Orlando FL. Oct 19th 2013 Every motorcyclist of any type should own a copy of this future classic, Awesome! - Steve Aspland / Rising Sun Cycles 

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Hollywood Reporter Review

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