Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Blogbeast Platform and Advanced Internet Training

Build your online business or expand your current business using social media with a team that will help increase your business and better your life!
A business which supplies the tools to increase your current business or create a new business reselling these tools using the power of social media and proper use of the web.
What if there was an opportunity that could help you to better promote your current business, favorite hobby or any subject that interests you? And what if, while doing so, you are selling positions in this opportunity to help other people do the same while making commissions on these sales?
There is, and it fits perfectly into the mentality of today's world, where everyone wants to write about where they are and what they are doing with Facebook, Twitter etc so why not also post this information where it can make you a good size second income or, as many people are doing, an extraordinary primary income?
Many people are using this system to simply promote their current ventures, but with a little more work, many are exceeding their previous income while using these tools. This is not another get rich quick scheme! It requires some study of concepts needed for online marketing and it requires work to put these concepts into play to expand your business. Times have changed; everyone is looking online for your business or your competitors. Watch the informational video that could change your future.

This opportunity has developed into a movement which is worth a few minutes of your time to review. New concepts, teachings and tools are constantly being added which can be made available to you. There are support groups such as our Extreme Team. Click Here to check out a video  done by one of the members in our team explaining what joining us gets you.  There are weekly conference calls which are so well attended that if you do not log on early, they may be full. These calls are recorded and available on the company website as well. It only cost $25 to get in for the basic program and you can cancel easily and at any time but you most likely will not.To Learn more Click Here 
Empower Network Blog Beast Benefits Showcases Business Blogging for Maximum Mobile and Global Exposure
Empower Network invested and tested over $3,000,000 and 12 months of R&D into the prestigious platform and blogging software system Blog Beast. Blog Beast powered by Empower Network helps mobile bloggers by providing a plethora of business building benefits, features, and tools.
the blogging system
The much anticipated big launch day of the innovative, mobile-friendly blogging platform and system Blog Beast by Empower Network is here.
The company has just released Empower Network Version 2.0 (ENV2 Blog Beast) to new costumers on Oct 18, 2013. According to online experts and blogging enthusiasts across the world, this will be one of the biggest product launches in the industry of online marketing and home based businesses.
With over 3 million dollars and more than one year of research and development invested and tested, the creation of BlogBeast blogging system has skyrocketed the movement, engagement, and investment bloggers have been looking for.
The new, sleek, business building blogging platform will allow customers to have a customizable blog site on their own uniquely branded domain built and powered by The Empower Network software and platform, which according to Alexa is one the most trafficked websites and ranks as a top 300 website in the entire world.
The new Empower Network Blog Beast blogging software system offers a wide array of functionality and features that is sure to carry a mass appeal to all of those looking to start a website to market any product, service, or business idea.
The Launch of Empower Network's Blog Beast will help those involved but not limited to the industries of: 
  • Home Based Business
  • Network Marketing
  • Multi-Level Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Direct Sales
  • Real Estate
  • Professional Services
  • Medical Services
  • Specialty Services
The greatest advantage and benefit of utilizing the highly regarded and evolved ENv2 Blog Beast is to make it easier for entrepreneurs to connect with targeted prospects and potential customers 24/7.
Blog Beast aims to leverage the power of the Internet to help entrepreneurs grow and expand their business online by enhancing the way in which bloggers connect with their global audience.
One of the newest features of Blog Beast includes:
  • A new mobile Empower Network app (available iPhone and Android) that will help manage a blog from a mobile device.
  • The simplicity and ability to post videos, images, content and audios to the blog in 2 simple clicks.
  • The ability to set up multiple blogs, for any subjects, and manage them all from one single dashboard account!
The BlogBeast by Empower Network has created one of the largest communities of bloggers and entrepreneurs worldwide, making it one of the most prestigious content publishing forums on the internet.
In addition to providing a blogging outlet, there is a tremendous amount of high quality online marketing and leadership training to help new businesses, start-ups, and small businesses create a hub to be accessible to more prospects and leads.
A product of this magnitude that offers such diverse variety and versatility is sure to enhance and attract a new kind of customer.
To launch the new platform the co-founders and leaders of Empower Network; David Wood, David Sharpe and Troy Shanks, all decided to make an entertaining and informative Blog Beast Redemption Movie Premiere about the blogging blunders to avoid and why the new solution is here to help members and customers to understand the benefits of a marketing-blogging system.
The Blog Beast is the most anticipated blogging software launch in the history of the Internet marketing space.
The simple, easy to use system offers the ability for customers to become affiliates and market the blogging system as an opportunity they can earn a living from. According to Empower Network official site, the company has paid out over 60 million dollars to affiliates in the past 2 years.
Empower Network’s execution and driving force behind the Blog Beast system has created a unique opportunity for bloggers to share, show, and expose valuable content that is extremely engaging and interactive, which to this point has allowed thousands of hungry entrepreneurs engineer residual results in the online marketplace.
The secret of Empower Network relies on the company’s cutting edge step-by-step marketing training information which focuses on helping customers and affiliates target specific traffic sources while creating messages that resonate with their audience and specific niches.
The new Blog Beast platform includes an abundance of newer features as the updates and contributing attractor factors far exceed the previous version of the initial Empower Network viral blogging system.
Some of the newer benefits include:
  • Blogging platform - Simple 2 Step Blogging System
  • Mobile Application for Audio and Video Broadcasting - build a business form your phone
  • Sales Conversion Engine - Automate and Streamlined Process
To learn more about the Blog Beast and how it can be use to create a powerful marketing strategy online – make sure to watch the free movie Blog Beast Redemption here.
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What is it?
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Put simply, the Inner Circle is all of the training you’ll ever need all in one location.
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NOTE: This product is available as an upgrade to our existing Self-Serve Blogging System members who are interested in learning more advanced marketing training and leadership principals.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


So the last 2 days have been some of the best days in my life---also some of the most fascinating.

It's amazing what happens when multiple minds come together, in ONE VOICE...


We just created a new sales video for 'The Blog Beast' and you can see what's possible, here:

It's interesting sometimes what happens, when you reach down inside yourself, and find the courage to do something that truthfully... is a little on the edge.

I remember when David Sharpe and I started the vision for Empower Network---we were two ex homeless guys who had found our way to VICTORY on the internet, and we had a dream that was LARGER than what seemed possible...

...and what surprised even us, is that what we did became EVEN BIGGER than our dream.

Click here, and watch the result:

2 years later, we are approaching 200,000 customers in over 100 countries, and we haven't even expanded into our first language yet.

Our site is RAPIDLY approaching the top 200 sites world wide online, and my prediction is... the end of March 2014, we will be in the top 100 sites, world wide, online.


Because of what's going to happen, when we lock arms together, and DECIDE to do something even bigger with Empower Network.

Right now there are close to 2,000 people gathered in Orlando with a dream, culminating the 4 event cycle we had in Anaheim, Dallas, Washington DC, and now Orlando.


...this is just the start.

We will split events into multiple countries, multiple languages, multiple belief systems, and there will be a day...

...when there is someone reading this blog post, who NEVER has made a dollar online, and yet they will be WITH ME on stage in front of 150,000 people.

And there will be a day...

...when someone reading this blog post now, who is now making a new decision will have MORE THAN 200,000 people - in their own team.

And there will be a day...

...when YOU step into your power, make a new decision, and because of the decision that YOU'RE MAKING right now, tens of thousands of lives will be changed...

...and there will be a day, when:

1,000,000 people BUY THIS in one year alone:

Get that video out to your lists, we only have 2 days of the launch left---and then...

...let's lock arms together, fight the forces of evil, and ROCK a whole new level.

Love ya,
David Wood

"the Guru Slayer"

Monday, October 7, 2013

Jimmy Adamo Memorial Celebration 2013

Jimmy Adamo Memorial Celebration at New Hampshire Motor Speedway October 4-6, 2013

The Ducati TT/F1 forum and New Hampshire Motor Speedway hosted their 5th annual gathering October 4-6 2013, accompanying the Loudon Road Race Series final event of the 2013 season. 
A gathering of like-minded Ducati TT/F1 owners/enthusiasts, this years event combined bike displays with on-track racing opportunities and honored one of America’s great racers, Jimmy Adamo, whose accomplishments made these bikes famous. Adamo was killed competing in the 1993 Daytona 200 & this years event was held in remembrance of the 20th anniversary of his tragic passing. 

The event started from humble beginnings at TTF1 forum member Lou Saif's shop in Queens, N.Y. & is a donation-based event with many contributing either monetarily, with their time, or both. It has grown in popularity mainly by the efforts of Saif & forum members Steve Munro, Ralph Stechow & Mike Weber. Weber worked with speedway official Steve Aspland to secure a location within the facility for both garage space for several of Adamo's ex race bikes, and to have a large event tent adjacent to the garage area so that roughly 50 cherished Adamo-era Ducati race bikes could be displayed, allowing the racing public to get up close to the amazing machinery that was piloted around racetracks back in the day. Aspland has raced various Ducati machines over the course of the last few decades and competed with Adamo back in the day. His efforts in working with track management paid off & allotted the organizers the space needed to house the growing event. 

Several European attendees helped the event garner global recognition. Among them were Adamo’s legendary tuner Reno Leoni. Leoni shared many photos and memories with the group, who loved hearing Leoni’s first hand accounts of the events of the day. Leoni accompanied fellow Italian Carlo Leoncini, who produces his own line of parts for these legendary machines. Noted race engineer Pat Slinn from Cheshire, England was on hand. Pat had a hand in Mike Hailwoods famous 78' Isle Of Man win and went on to tune for Tony Rutter, resulting in 4 TT2 world championships for Ducati. Slinn’s account of the machinery and European events of that period are still very detailed. Slinn notes that the appreciation for the TT-era Ducatis is no better than in the United States. 

Bernd Bressel contributed his time in working to rescue and convert a lot of racing film footage to electronic media and also set up two separate video screens that showed Adamo racing from the era, as well as a promotional video of Adamo and Leoni produced by Italian TV company RAI.
USCRA racer & graphic artist Doug Donelan designed the posters that the group had made to commemorate the event. Donelan was at Daytona when Adamo was killed & noted that he felt honored to be able to contribute his skills to the event. 
Enzo Assainte was on hand with a large variety Adamo-related memorabilia items including many photos, home videos & many personal Adamo items he collected during his time as Adamo's mechanic, as well as items donated by Adamo's widow Melanie after Adamo's passing.  Assainte's presence was a nice compliment to the weekend in that his offerings displayed Adamo's transition from the Taglioni based machines early in his career to the Bordi based 851 & 888, which helped to provide a complete picture of this loved Ducati racer. 

Many in attendance felt that this years event had a more personal feel to it due to the people involved & not just the machinery, with attendance of Adamo's two daughters in honor of their father capping things off. 
When Adamo died, younger daughter Danielle was only 8 months old and her older sister Jamie, who does have memories of her father, was three years old. Regardless, both daughters were excited and shocked at the level of appreciation that the group had for their dad and his accomplishments within Ducati world. When the pair arrived to the event, there were few dry eyes in the house. The group made sure to include the girls in the event as it progressed. 

On Saturday night, the group presented both Slinn & Leoni lifetime achievement awards for their work, which helped the Ducati TT garner it's notoriety; this, at a time when Ducati themselves teetered on the brink of bankruptcy. Both men graciously accepted their awards & spoke of how great it felt to be acknowledged for their efforts within the Ducati community today. Slinn was doubly appreciative as the group threw him a 70th birthday party in which he was presented a cake depicting him standing next to a TT back in the day. There were also cookies with the old school Veglia tachometer face depicted on them.

The group acquired two original Arai Adamo Replica helmets to present to the Adamo girls during the Saturday evening festivities. A new Arai Adamo replica was sourced from the collection of a member & presented to Jamie Adamo. It featured the original red/white/green color scheme designed by her father and included an inscription commemorating the 5th annual TTF1 Symposium, also honoring her father. 
The helmet presented to younger daughter Danielle was the rare red/white/blue scheme & was the last Arai Adamo Replica in the inventory of legendary southern California Arai distributor, Sammy Tanner, who generously donated the helmet for the event after hearing of it. After the girls accepted their helmets as appreciation for making the trek to New Hampshire, they presented Lou Saif an original Jimmy Adamo memorial pin which were produced by a Ducati enthusiast 20 years ago & sold to benefit Adamo's family after his death. Adamo's widow donated one of the few pins from her personal collection to Saif for his tireless efforts to make the event such a great success.
 The Jimmy Adamo Memorial Twins race was held on Sunday & NHMS staff held a special awards ceremony, with the Adamo girls presenting awards to the winners of each class. Chris Jensen took top honors in the expert class with Rich Paxson winning the Amateur class on his Ducati TT that he started racing in 1988. It was an emotional win for for both riders, as each have a Ducati racing history dating back to the days when Adamo competed. 
At the conclusion of the event, NHMS staff told the group that they were happy to have them and looked forward to having them back. 

Noted contributors to the event: 
Jane Kennedy-Brithday cake & cookies
Seth Wolins-Party tent for bike display
Lucy Berritto-snacks and beverages 
Rich Paxson-Beer & pizza

Steve D'Angelo-I paint