Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Looking for some very useful gifts for the motorcyclist on your list ?

Happy Holidays!
Looking for some very useful gifts
for the  motorcyclist on your list ?
One item which will be appreciated by anyone who needs to protect an expensive asset, is the Spot unit shown below. Spot has been selling GPS tracking devices for backwoods adventurers that find themselves in trouble and in need of help for years. They have now moved into the asset protection market with a device at a fraction of the cost to purchase and monitor than other units we have owned.Want to protect your race trailer and its contents?
The unit is FREE if activated for tracking by 12/31/15

All the best,
Stewart, Heather and Steve
Rising Sun Cycles LLC

SPOT Trace Theft-Alert Tracking Device
SPOT Trace Theft-Alert
Track Anything. Anytime. Anywhere. 
Affordable and easy to use, SPOT TRACE is a no-brainer. Protect your cars, boats, motorcycles, toys and other valuables. NO WORRIES.
  • Receive text/email messages when movement is detected
  • Monitor assets in near real-time using Google Maps™
  • Long battery life, compact and easy to install
  • Select from 2½, 5, 10, 30 or 60 minute tracking intervals
Basic and Extreme Tracking service subscription required! 

A few more Gift Ideas!

Klucky Pucks - Knee Sliders
Klucky Pucks are the choice of hundreds of top racers.
The pucks are made of a proprietary plastic that is extremely durable yet still provides the feel racers are looking for.  
Our Price:

HangAir Suit drying hanger system 
Finally a low cost personal solution for dealing with your sweat or rain soaked racing suit. We have all seen fan forced suit drying systems used by the factory teams and now there is a system available for the rest of us that is portable and at a reasonable cost. Click Here for more information  
Our Price:

Race Suit Under Garments. 
State of the art garments by RS Taichi and Woodcraft Technologies. Quick moisture wicking and quick dry.
Heat of vaporization helps to maintain body temperature.
Click Here for more information  
Our Price: $ 38.00 to $66.00

Try phrases like: dramatic savings, clearance, overstocked, reduced rates, buy 1 get 1 free, treat yourself, you deserve it, and don't miss out. Drive traffic to your site by providing a "teaser" to your readers, with a link to your site for the full details. 
Our Price:  $49.95 

Key Switch Elimination Harness
lets you remove your stock ignition switch for track use only.

Installs in seconds - no cutting!
- Save weight & create space
- Plugs right into OEM connectors
- Easy conversion back to street 
Our Price:   $54.99 to $64.99

The Servo Buddy by SkutrNet eliminates the hassle associated with removing the exhaust servo motor simplifying the process of installing an aftermarket exhaust.
Units coming to accommodate bikes with immobilizers such as some Ducati and none US models.   Click Here for more information
Our Price:  $59.95

Hand and lever guards
These hand guard line not only prevents inadvertant lever contact but also helps to protect your hands during a crash by keeping them out of harms way.

Our Price: $110.00 to $171.00

Qstarz GPS Race Recording & Analyzing Devices
Ride and Log - Import GPS Data - Analyze your data - Simulate and Compare with the Qstarz line of Lap timer, recorder and lap analyzing tools.  Click Here for more information
Our Price: $199.00 to $399.00

Frame Sliders are one of the smartest investments you can make to your bike.
From street accidents to 100mph high-sides nothing will help prevent costly damage more than a set of Woodcraft Frame Sliders.

Our Price:  $70.00 to 200.00 (depending on Model)

Tire Warmers 
We handle the complete Chicken Hawk Line as well as Woodcraft warmers.
Most racers and track day riders want tire warmers to avoid cold tire crashes and to go fast right from the green flag
Our Price:  $349.00 to $724.00

road racing glove, the ultimate in hand protection while still maintaining great feel for the controls.
A great choice for street and track alike 

Our Price:   $180.00 to $240.00

A few Tee_shirts 
Tee shirts for those involved in, or fans of, extreme sports. Get out and do it!
by SRaspland 

Our Price: 
$18.50 to $24.00
Many of you have grown up knowing Rising Sun Cycles for all your 2-stroke GP needs while honing your skills racing with theUSGPRU, now check our website for many new products being added for your 4-stroke motorcycles as well.
All the best, 
Stewart, Heather and Steve 
Rising Sun Cycles LLC

Friday, October 23, 2015

Servo Buddy and Key Switch Elimination Harnesses

If you are building a bike with an aftermarket exhaust or maybe for track use only, then you should see these products Woodcraft Technologies released earlier this season.


Completely eliminating the motor, valve, cables, etc. not only drops weight and frees up valuable space, but utilizing the Servo Buddy improves reliability by eliminating the common issue of the factory servo motor gears stripping out, or the motor burning up.


Servo Buddy utilizes OEM wire harness connectors providing a secure connection with no wire cutting. Most motorcycles will throw an FI code when the stock exhaust is removed. Servo Buddy cures this issue. This allows the rider to see if there is an actual problem when the FI light comes on, not due to an exhaust valve code.

CLICK HERE for a complete listing of all our applications
Exclusively available from Woodcraft. Our Key Switch eliminator lets you remove your stock ignition switch saving weight where it counts - up high! Removing your stock ignition will also free up valuable space for steering dampers and lap timers. The things you need go in the space you save. There is no longer a need for keys. The best thing about our Key Switch Eliminator is the ability to simply "Plug and Play". It installs in seconds and requires no modifications to your stock harness - no need to cut any wires! This means easy re - installation of stock components down the road.

CLICK HERE for a complete listing of all our applications

Monday, September 21, 2015

BMW S1000RR 2015 Rear Set Kit

BMW S1000RR 2015 Std/GP Adjustable Rearset Kit Complete W/Pedals
Order yours today!
Yamaha R1 2015 Rear Set Kit
BMW S1000RR 2015
Std/GP Adjustable Rearset Kit Complete W/Pedals  SKU 05-0755B
We are proud to announce our rearsets for the incredible new 2015 S1000RR. This kit features 12 footpeg positions for a custom fit that can be tailored for any condition or rider preference.  Riders can move anywhere from 0 to 25mm up and 0 to 20mm back.  Both our standard and GP shift setup utilize the stock shift BMW rod and quick shifter.
The complete rearset kit consists of the rearset plates, footpegs, 3 piece billet pedals, heel guards. This kit assumes that you have OEM rearsets on the bike as some factory hardware may be reused. Our rearsets are made from tough, aircraft grade 6061 T6 Aluminum. They are much stronger than OEM brackets and will give your bike a look that will separate you from the crowd.
All spare parts for this assembly can be found under the "Spare Parts" tab. Parts for the brake and shift pedal assemblies can be found under their own designated "Spare Parts" tab.

For installation instructions click this link IN05-0755.pdf
05-0755B  BMW S1000RR 2015 Std/GP Adjustable Rearset Kit Complete W/Pedals
Yamaha R1 2015 Rear Set Kit
Yamaha R1 2015 Rear Set Kit

Monday, September 7, 2015

New Woodcraft Products for the 2015 season, available through Rising Sun Cycles

Woodcraft has released many New Products for the 2015 season and and all are available through Rising Sun Cycles.

Check out our mini catalog below.

  Brammo Empulse
 Complete Rearset Kit, Black, RACE ONLY

  Honda 600RR 2013-2015
 Pro Series SuperBike Armour Bodies bodywork  - 71-0349SB

  Kawasaki Ninja 650R
 Clip-On Riser Plate
 For both street and track

 41mm special race only clip-ons
   (see website for more info)

  Suzuki GSXR 600/750 - 2011-2015
 Axle Sliders 

  Yamaha R1 - 2015
 Armour Bodies - Coming Oct. 2015
 Axle Sliders
 Frame Sliders
 Engine Case Covers
 Key Switch Elimination Harness
 Rearset Kits
 Servo Buddy

  Yamaha R3
 Armour Bodies - Coming Nov. 2015
 Frame Sliders
 Clip-Ons - Available Sept. 2015
 Engine Case Covers

 Key Switch Elimination Harness
 Rearset Kits

  Yamaha FZ07
 Frame Sliders
 Clip-On Riser Plate
 Engine Case Covers

 Rearset Kits

  Yamaha FZ09
 Axle Slider
 Frame Sliders
 Clip-On Riser Plate
 Engine Case Covers

 Rearset Kits

Key Switch Elimination Harness
Eighteen additions this season to our Key Switch Elimination line-up since our introduction in January.
If you have not looked at this product line recently, Click here.
Available For: Aprilia, Buell, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph and Yamaha
Our Key Switch eliminator lets you remove your stock ignition switch.
It is "Plug and Play", installs in seconds, requires no modifications to your stock harness and easy re-installation of stock components . US Models Only!

Woodcraft Stay Dry Riding Undergarments

The BEST under race suit garments we've ever tried!

Tops and bottoms available.

Woodcraft Generation III Tire Warmers
Our Gen III Dual Temps warmers are made in America and feature all new top grade components throughout the design.

CLICK HERE for more information

Lever Protection and Hand Guard
Our lever guards are designed to keep another rider from accidentally hitting your front brake or clutch lever during close racing.
Available in many colors, left or right hand side and complete sets.
CLICK HERE for more information

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Brake lever Protection and Hand guard Woodcraft

Brake lever Protection and Hand guard
The Woodcraft brake lever guard is designed to keep another rider from accidentally hitting your front brake during close racing. The adjustable guard is made from tough plastic and bolted to a CNC-machined aluminum base. The guards are available individually or in sets (left+right).
Just about everyone we talked to knows someone who has crashed due to their brake lever coming into contact with another rider. Our hand guard line not only prevents inadvertent lever contact but also helps to protect your hands during a crash by keeping them out of harms way. We have a few friends whose pinky fingers have been "shortened" in a crash.
MSRP $109.99 - $179.99

Available in sets of left and right
or individually in all these colors.

To place your order CLICK HERE

A video describing these Products


Our patent-pending design mounts to any 7/8" handlebar and is adjustable for any sized levers. The unique 30 degree down angle helps to keep the guards from interfering with the riders hands while on the track.


Each mount is machined from tough 6061-T6 aluminum with a durable anodized finish. The guards are made from a special plastic that is tough enough to withstand an impact but pliable enough not to splinter in a crash. Replacement plastic guards are available individually.

Note: Do not attach this guard to your handle bar slider - it must be mounted on your handlebar itself! If you do not have enough room on the existing bar we sell longer bars or if you have a Woodcraft bar be sell bar end sliders made to accept these guards.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Key Switch Elimination Harness for Motorcycle Road Racing - from Woodcraft Technologies!

Eliminate your Key Switch cleanly and easily.

- Installs in seconds - no cutting!
- Save weight & create space
- Plugs right into OEM connectors 
- Easy conversion back to street 

   $54.99 - $64.99

Check our Website
For more racing products

  • 43-0740  Aprilia RSV4 '08-15
  • 43-0810 Buell EBR 1190RX
  • 43-0640  Ducati 848,1098,1198
  • 43-0100  Kawasaki ZX636R '13-15, Z1000 '10-15, ZX14R '12-'15             
  • 43-0101  Kawasaki ZX14R '06-'11
  • 43-0102  Kawasaki ZX6R '05-'12, ZX10R '04-'10, Ninja 650R '06-'08
  • 43-0103  Kawasaki ZX10R '11-'15
  • 43-0104  Kawasaki Ninja 250 '08-'12, Ninja 300 '13-'15
  • 43-0200  Suzuki GSXR 600/750 '06-15, GSXR1000 '05-15
  • 43-0201  Suzuki GSXR600 '97-03, GSXR750 '96-03, GSXR1000 '01-02,                                          GSXR1300 Hayabusa '99-07, SV650 '99-02
  • 43-0202  Suzuki GSXR1000 '03-04, SV650/S '03-04, SV1000/S '03-04
  • 43-0203  Suzuki GSXR600/750-K4 Models 2004
  • 43-0204  Suzuki GSXR600/750-K5 Models 2005, GSXR1300 Hayabusa '08-14
  • 43-0205  Suzuki SV650/S '05-08, SV1000/S '05-07
  • 43-0400  Yamaha R1 '02-06, R6 '03-15, R6S '06-09
  • 43-0401  Yamaha R1 '07-'08
  • 43-0402  Yamaha R1 '09-'14
  • 43-0403  Yamaha R1 2015
  • 43-0404  Yamaha R3 2015

    Click on the part numbers to be brought to a product ordering page

1-2-3 Installation

Unplug and remove your OEM key switch
Unplug OEM RH bar switch
Plug in your Key Switch Elimination Harness
Your OEM RH bar switch now turns your ignition on and off!