Friday, June 26, 2015

2014-2015 Yamaha FZ09 Rearset Kit - 05-0409B

If you your like FZ09, you will love it with the addition of Woodcraft rearsets.
The FZ09 is a great motorcycle, but anyone who has ridden one hard knows that the pegs drag on the ground very quickly.  Woodcraft's new FZ09 rearsets offer a wide range of adjustment while still maintaining the toughness and durability that the Woodcraft brand is built upon.  This kit will work on a stock motorcycle as well as with all of the popular aftermarket pipes that we have tried.  Get the ground clearance, protection and good looks your FZ09 is asking for!

Part Number 05-0409B  $499.99
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This kit utilizes some of your OEM rearsets parts and assumes these parts are available. Please see our installation intructions for more explanation. CLICK HERE The full rearset kit consists of the rearset plates, footpegs and all of the needed hardware to install the kit properly, plus a complete shift pedal with an adjustable toe peg. These kits assume that you currently have the OEM rearsets on your bike. They are made from tough, aircraft grade 6061 T6 Aluminum and anodized with a black finish. This kit has eccentric pegs that have 12 positions of adjustment ranging from 1/4" lower than stock to over an inch higher than stock. They are much stronger than OEM brackets and will give your bike a look that will separate you from the crowd. This kit can be used in either standard or GP shift position and is designed to work perfectly with the OEM quickshifter.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Yamaha R1 2015 Frame Slider Kit Complete

Woodcraft frame slider kits are now available for the newly redesigned 2015 Yamaha R1 Superbike

50-0454  Yamaha R1 '15+ Frame Slider Base Kit Complete
               (50-1599 pucks included)
The 2015 R1 has a special set of frame sliders with a brand new puck design just for this model.  The frame on the right side sits flush with the bodywork and there are a number of electronics right against the bodywork on the left side, making the sliders particularly important.  Our special new pucks have tapered edges - giving the protection you need while making the puck much more likely to slideover an obstacle as opposed to catch on it.  We really like this new design!  As with all our slider kits we have maintained our patented 2-piece slider design, making these the most durable sliders on the market. Our perpendicular mounting bolt allows the slider to be solid rather than hollow (like other sliders) which provides nearly 50% more material on the road and easy access for changing pucks after a fall.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Yamaha R1 2015 Engine Case Guards

The long awaited Woodcraft engine covers are now available for the newly redesigned 2015 Yamaha R1 Superbike

60-0454LB  Yamaha R1 '15 LHS Stator Cover Assembly Black W/Gasket + Skid Plate Kit Choice (160H)
These covers are meticulously produced in the USA out of the very best materials available which far exceed the strength of the OEM covers. Woodcraft Case Covers are designed to add strength, protect your motorcycle and look great. 

On this cover our patented replaceable skid plate is internally bolted and o-ring sealed so that you don't have to worry about trying to remove bolts with the heads ground off.

Note: This engine cover comes with the needed gasket.

60-0454RB Yamaha R1 '15 RHS Ignition Trigger Cover Protector Assbly, Blk W/Rubber Pad Backside + Skid Plate Kit Choice (335H)

NOTE: This is an engine cover protector. This cover bolts over the top of the exposed Ignition Cover to add our well known Woodcraft protection to your machine.

Woodcraft 2-piece engine covers are designed to keep your bike oil tight in the event of a crash as well as to give your bike a custom look that will make you stand out in the crowd. All of our covers are 100% CNC machined from 6061 Aluminum billet to give you both great looks and exceptional strength.

On this ignition trigger cover protector we've added an adhered rubber pad to the inside. This provides a cushion between the protector and the stock cover.
The patented replaceable stainless steel or aluminum skid plate adds wear resistance in the most vulnerable area and can keep your cover both functional and looking good through multiple crashes. The plate is internally bolted so that you don't have to worry about trying to remove bolts with the heads ground off.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Woodcraft Generation III Tire Warmers

by Woodcraft Technologies
Yamaha R1 2015 Rear Set Kit

Proudly MADE IN USA Gen III Dual Temp Warmers

Our Gen III Dual Temps warmers feature many upgrades over our popular Dual Temp tire warmers that were released in 2008. We went back to the drawing board completely redesigning many of the components. The result is what we feel to be the best multi-temp tire warmer on the market today. Try a set and we're sure you'll agree they are the best warmers you have ever used.


NEW Features

Polartec® Windpro®- A new revolution in thermal fabrics. The tight knit construction blocks 95% of the heat robbing wind.
New Thermostats - Our new thermostats hold tighter temperature ranges and are more durable than ever, guaranteeing a perfect heat cycle every time.
New Construction- We went through the entire warmer from end to end and upgraded every seam. Our new warmers are double stitched with a toughNomex® thread ensuring they look good and will last through years of abuse.

Key Features:

Even Heat Distribution - The small gap heating element leaves smaller spaces between the coils, ensuring the whole tire is heated evenly, virtually eliminating cold spots.
Great Insulation - Our special insulation is extremely efficient allowing us to keep the warmer construction thin while still providing great performance. You will love how easy the low profile design makes installation and removal of the warmers.
Side Curtains - Our fleece side curtains eliminate the #1 cause of heat loss by protecting the tires from side winds. In many cases we have seen up to a 15 degree increase in rim temperature compared to warmers without them.
Easy to install /
 remove - A large one piece velcro strap secures the warmer to the tire without hooks or cords getting in the way.
Durable - We used only the best components and subjected all internal connections to rigorous tension tests to be sure these warmers are built to last.
LED Indicator Light - Pick your tire temp with the flick of a switch the display 'on' light is red and turns to green when the tire is at temperature.
Voltage: All Woodcraft tire warmers are designed to run off a 120V power source. Generator users will need 1000 watts minimum to run a set.

Free duffel bag with every set!

MADE IN USA Dual Temp Gen III Tire Warmers with soft carry case