Monday, September 30, 2013

Are You Playing Big or Small In LIfe? It's time for you to be afraid of a few things.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!
These are not myths.  These are absolute facts and no one can deny them.
If you want to be absolutely safe in life (until you die), then here is a virtual "buffet" of anecdotes, tips and thoughts to keep you from death and from any new experiences....
1.   Don't jog at night.  In fact, don't jog in the daytime. One-hundred percent of people mugged while jogging were all out there jogging in the first place.
2.  Never marry or have a family.  22% of all murders are committed by family members or spouses.
3.  Never get to know anyone.  Most rapists are people you know.
4.  Never climb a mountain.  One hundred percent of the people who died while mountain-climbing (or who were beaten up by Sherpas during a mountain climb) were out there mountain-climbing in the first place.  Keep your ass on the ground.
5.  Never kiss a baby.  One hundred percent of the people who have ever kissed a baby are either dead or on their way to being dead.  You've been warned.
6.  Avoid bridges and tunnels.  Everyone ever killed in a bridge or tunnel collapse was in the process of using a bridge or tunnel.
7.  Don't use the Internet.  The Internet is used by pedophiles
8.  Music is a killer.   Every serial killer in history once either played a song or listened to a song on the radio.
9.  Don't visit Gettysburg.  Your great-great-great-great-great-uncle Elmer once visited Gettysburg and was shot in the butt by a Confederate soldier.
10.  Don't eat packaged food.  It's dangerous.  Don't eat unpackaged food.  It could be dirty.  Don't eat.
11.  Never date someone who comes from a different religion  or background than you.  All four of your parents will die.
12.   Never date someone of a different race than you.  You will both die, possibly of liver failure.
13.  Avoid bus stops, schoolhouses, churches, parking lots, football stadiums, concert halls, big fancy restaurants, the Eiffel Tower, any town in Tennessee, any place where food is cooked by someone other than your mother, the beach, airplanes, street festivals, or bowling alleys.  Bad things have happened in all those places.
14.  Don't eat fruit.  One of your ancestors once ate a piece of fruit and nearly choked to death.  Just saying.
15.  Don't start a home business.  Every person who has tried to make money from home has either died or is going to die in the next 100 years.
There you go....
If you follow those instructions, you'll avoid a lot of danger and risk.
Of course, you probably won't have much of a life, either.
Now,  you and I will laugh at this list.  Because it's stupid.
(You DO know it's stupid, right?)
See, the truth is that there's no such thing as "playing it safe".
Just waking up in the morning is a risk.
We don't know what's going to happen any day.
I could live to be 120 years old.
I could die in the next 5 minutes.
The same is true of you....
That's all.
The question is:
Are you doing what you want to be doing with your life right now?
If not....why not?
What are you waiting for?
So no one is really "playing it safe".
You're either playing SMALL or you're playing BIG.
Life's not a dress rehearsal.
This is the only shot you've got.
And you don't get points for trying
to make it safely to the grave.
I do WHAT I want....WHEN I want....with the people that I'm in love with.
Let me be clear:  your life is a CHOICE.
Your life right now is exactly what you've CHOSEN for it to be.
You chose it with the decisions and actions that you've been taking lately.
Don't like your bank account? 
Then start doing something different.
Don't like your relationships? 
Then start changing how you treat the people around you.
Don't like your weight?
Stop eating carbs at 10pm at night
I'll say it again:  your life is a CHOICE that you make every day.
And anyone --including you -- can be in an entirely new life in the next 30 days if you're willing to change how you think and what you do.
You can live in fear and never venture anything....
Or you can SEIZE THE DAY and start living your life "on purpose" right now.
The choice is yours.
Choose well!
P.S.   here's a video from my buddy Dave who turned his life around in a big way.
He was dead-broke and a drug-addict. Today he's made something amazing out of his life.   Watch this story here.
P.P.S.  Whatever you something.
Don't let your days slip away into weeks...into months....into years of frustration of not living the life you want.
You can do it.  I'm in your corner.
Steve Aspland
41 Main Street, Ashburnham, MA 01430
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Penguin Road Racing School will be at New Jersey Motorsports Park September 21st & 22nd! Come ride with Eric Bostrom! see below

Risng Sun Cycles

Newsletter            September 5, 2013

Penguin Road Racing School will be at New Jersey Motorsports Park September 21st & 22nd!
Come ride with Eric Bostrom! see below
Purchase a Qstarz GPS Data logger unit with a RePlay Digital POV video cameras and receive 
special deals
Steve Aspland
New Honda RS125 GP Bike 
still Available! 

Steven Aspland
Rising Sun Cycles LLC

Penguin Road Racing School at NJMP Sept. 21-22
penguin header

September 21-22 at NJMP - The Event of the Summer! 

Ride with Eric Bostrom and a cast of other motorcycle roadracing stars. Eboz has been a motorcycling icon for more than a decade and has captured 4 AMA Championships along the way. He is looking forward to coming out to NJMP to share his knowledge, stories and enthusiasm for the sport with our students. Don't miss the opportunity to learn and ride with a legend of the sport.  CLICK HERE for more information.

Together with Eboz, the Penguin School is working to bring you a track experience opportunity unlike any other. Join the nation's best instructional staff with handpicked professionals just for this event. Here are few of the special guests we have coming for this event. We expect a great crew for 2013!

Eric Bostrom - Motorcycling icon, AMA national champion & WSB Racer
Shane Narbonne - MOB racing AMA Sportbike & AMA HD1200 race winner at NJMP
Jeff Wood - AMA front runner & FUSA/ASRA/CCS national champion
Eric Wood - AMA Race winner and FUSA/CCS national champion
Scott Greenwood- Past AMA Superbike pilot, FUSA National Champion and 40X CCS champion
Mike Himmlesbach - AMA front runner & Penske suspension expert  
CLICK HERE for more information and to register for your day at the race track.

The Penguin Experience: 
This unique experience combines the safe, comfortable environment of a track day together with the opportunity for top shelf instruction and individual attention. Our two riding groups will have passing specific passing restrictions that will give every rider a comfortable place to enjoy one of these great race tracks.
If you've ever had the desire to explore the capabilities of your machine - this is the place to do it! Our head instructors are all former AMA Superbike racers who will cover topics like line selection, corner strategy, braking techniques, corner speed analysis, body position, bike setup & more. You may participate in as many or as few of the classrooms as you like. There will also be the opportunity to mingle with world class motorcycle personalities.

We will have an optional dinner on Saturday night that all participants will be encouraged to attend. This dinner will include interviews with our celebrity instructors, mini classroom sessions on specific riding topics, and Q & A sessions for all riders. We also expect to have a video and photo presentation for everyone to enjoy.

With a student photo analysis, body position seminars, and the opportunity to share the track with AMA pros...this event will be a truly unforgettable experience both on and off the track.  

Space is limited, and signup is available through either the Penguin School or a participating dealer. To register, either visit the registration page on this site or become a part of a dealer group from our participating shops. We would like to thank our friends at Ducati North America for their help in putting this event together.
  CLICK HERE for more information.

September 21 at NJMP - Dinner and a "Movie" + Go Pro Giveaway!


We have a great extra feature after the track day on Saturday night, right in the infield on NJMP.  A great buffet dinner with friends, interviews with our riding guests and a film display of photos and video footage from the afternoon.  Hit the cash bar and have some fun watching yourself on the big screen! 
CLICK HERE for more information.
This evening event is a separate registration from attending the school so if you would like to attend while at the Penguin School CLICK HERE

Qstarz and Replay Bundle Specials

Replay XD CameraPurchase a Qstarz GPS Data logger unit with a RePlay Digital POV video cameras and 
special deals.

Go to this web page for more information and ordering. 

A Limited quantity of Honda RS125s Available!
We thought these were all
SOLD OUT or dismantled back in 2009
Possibly your last chance to get a little piece of GP history.
Honda RS125 GP 2-stroke
Honda RS125 GP 2-stroke
Almost gone forever! No more NEW 2-stroke GP bikes will be built by Honda or Yamaha! 
8 Honda RS125s had become available and are in our Japan Location but moving to the US very soon.
There are still some of this litter looking for a loving home.
These RS125 Hondas will be offered at $12,500 FOB our shop in MA plus trucking within the 48 contiguous United States. These bikes will be shipped via air freight to the US soon.
We require a minimum deposit of 50% to put your name on one. 
These bikes come complete with the factory spares kit which is approx a $2,500.00 value. Think of these as a $10,000.00 bike with zero time on it that comes with enough spares to run the whole season and then rebuild and run the following year. For more information on this machine check out this page
A great racing Tool and the best platform for teaching young riders the skills to needed to compete.

A Safety Solution - Long Overdue - 6D Helmets!
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6D Off Road Helmets