Wednesday, July 24, 2013

HangAir Race Suit Dryer - Auto Racing Fire Suits, Leather Motorcycle Race Suits, Fire Dept Over Gear, Diving Suits

Race Suit Dryer

Finally a low cost personal solution for dealing with your sweat or rain soaked racing suit. We have all seen fan forced suit drying systems used by the factory teams and now there is a system available for the rest of us that is portable and at a reasonable cost.
We have all had to climb back into a wet or at least damp race suit after having raced or practiced in it earlier. Besides climbing into the uncomfortable damp suit, leaving your leather garment wet for long periods of time could cause mold and odor.

The HangAir suit drying hanger was originally designed to air dry scuba diving Wetsuits and has been over engineered which enables it to hold the heaviest of sweat soaked suits easily.

This Drying System is a very durable, safe, high-quality product that is designed specifically to dry your suit in hours, not days. There is a high-powered waterproof fan pushing 120 cubic feet of air per minute through your suit that not only dries your suit quickly, but also helps to eliminate odor.

The UK HangAir® Drying System uses a high-power waterproof fan to completely dry and ventilate suits of all kinds in mere hours. By maintaining your race suit with the HangAir® Drying System you can enjoy the comfort of a freshly dried suit before every use, ensure that your suit is blown clean and dry from the inside before storage, eliminate bad odors, and add years to the life of your garment. The UK HangAir® is molded from incredibly tough plastic resin and sports a stainless steel hook which will comfortably support up to 100 pounds. Safe, low voltage power is supplied to the hanger fan through a tough 15 foot cord attached to a universal power 100/240 VAC wall adapter.

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15-foot power cord (no extension cord needed)
Low-voltage 12V fan (for safety)
High-power motor (120 CFM) 

Available at:
Rising Sun Cycles
41 Main street
Ashburnham, MA 01430
FREE Priority Mail shipping with in the USA
Order through our company web site or our eBay Store

Sunday, July 21, 2013

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Monday, July 15, 2013

RuckPack founder receives top votes and will be recognized at the 2013 MLB All-Star Game on July 16

RuckPack Combat Nutrition

People Tribute For Heroes
Exciting news!
RuckPack founder receives top votes 
and will be recognized at the 2013 
MLB All-Star Game on July 16
In recognition of RuckPack founder and CEO Rob Dyer’s contributions to
the military on and off the battlefield,Major League Baseball and People 
magazine will honor him at the All-Star Game in New York July 16.
Dyer will represent his hometown Seattle Mariners in All-Star Week
 festivities and the All-Star pre-game ceremony at Citi Field. Major Dyer, 
one of 90 finalists in the program nationwide, was the top vote getter 
among three Seattle finalists.PEOPLE and Major League Baseball's 
All Star Tribute for Heroes, a campaign honoring the nation's veterans, 
salutes 30 active duty and veteran military, one for each Major League
 team, for their gallantry and community service. A highly decorated 
Marine Corps veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, Dyer launched his 
nutritional beverage company,Noots! Nutrition, in 2011. He and his 
team of Special Ops Marines came up with theidea forRuckPack®--
a single-source, power-packed vitamin & energy shot capable of 
delivering maximum performance, caffeine-free. 
Today, the company is 80 percent military owned, hires veterans 
and donates portions of RuckPack profits to several military 
nonprofit organizations.Thank you for believing in RuckPack and
 for supporting military veterans and nonprofit organizations.
Learn More
- Team RuckPack

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The 8th Annual Barber Vintage Festival October 11 - 13 2013

Consignment Info                Consignment List

attracted 68,000 vintage motorcycle enthusiasts in 2012 and is rapidly growing. We have made a long-term commitment to our friends at the Barber Museum and firmly believe that we can do the best job for our sellers and buyers at this great event. This will be a well advertised, well attended auction. 
We will be going back to a large tent in addition to the building this year with a stage and seating.
Please join us at Barber for the auction, the giant swap meet, AHRMA roadracing, motocross, cross country and other exciting venues, along with the fabulous BARBER MOTORSPORTS MUSEUM! This is like "Disney World" for motorcyclists! Make your reservations now, just Google "hotels: Birmingham, Alabama" choose and sign up. Come early and stay late for an experience that you will never forget!
Please watch our web site for auction information that will be posted soon. We already have some great bikes and we will sell out of auction spots. Your bikes will be exposed to the world, so register yours early. 
CLICK HERE for Barber auction news, consignment list and photos. 

J. Wood and Company
The Barber Vintage Festival is October 11-13 
in Birmingham Alabama 
For information visit
or call Jerry at 978-939-2309  e-mail

Friday, July 5, 2013

Our 15 minutes of fame! Rising Sun Cycles News July 2013

Risng Sun Cycles
Newsletter            JULY 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July to all our customers in the USA

Check out Rising Sun Cycles 15 minutes of Fame below.
Jon of Next Moto Champion stopped to go to an
arena-cross in our area and visit our shop.
We still have 2 New Honda RS125s    See below.

Steven Aspland
Rising Sun Cycles LLC
Our 15 minutes of fame!
Honda RS125s available
RePlay XD1080 HD Camera.
SBS Racing Brakes Pads
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Stop by our ebay store

Our 15 minutes of fame!

Sign up for a subscriptionNext Moto Champion 12 Issues for only $9.95

A Limited quantity of Honda RS125s Available!
We were told that these were all SOLD OUT or dismantled back in 2009
Possibly your last chance to get a little piece of GP history.
(2 Available as of this emailing) 
Honda RS125 GP 2-stroke
Honda RS125 GP 2-stroke
8 Honda RS125s had become available and are in our Japan Location.
There are still some of this litter looking for a loving home.
These RS125 Hondas will be offered at $12,500 plus trucking within the 48 contiguous United States. These bikes will be shipped via an ocean container so from the time of shipment until arrival in the US is usually 6 weeks. (Timing of the shipment will depend on how quickly people commit to purchase) We would require a minimum deposit of 50% to place these orders.
These bikes come complete with the factory spares kit which is approx a $2,500.00 value. Think of these as a $10,000.00 bike with zero time on it that comes with enough spares to run the whole season and then rebuild and run the following year. For more information on this machine check out this page
A great racing Tool and the best platform for teaching young riders the skills to needed to compete.

RePlay XD720 and 1080 HD Cameras
Prices start at $149.99
ReplayHD Camera
FREE w/Replay XD  - 8GB Micro SD (microSDHC) Memory Card
plus FREE Shipping of your Replay Camera via Priority Mail within the United States

SBS Racing Brakes Pads
SBS Brake Pads