Friday, May 29, 2015


If you have not watched a roadrace with jumps and a dirt section, you have missed some really exciting motorcycle racing. The folks at New Hampshire Motor Speedway are happy to announce that the AMA Supermoto Series will be a feature race at the Loudon Classic that will be held June 19 through 21.
You can watch these national professional riders fly through the air and slide through the corners up close on the challenging asphalt and dirt course on Friday practice and the National final that will be held on Saturday afternoon.
Loudon New Hampshire hosted one of the best-attended AMA pro races of the series for many years and we all look forward to the return of the AMA National riders to compliment the Motorcycle Roadracing program.

AMA Supermoto National Championship

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Motorcycle Racing Tee Shirts

Not playing games . . .We race!

Tee shirts for those involved in, or fans of, extreme sports. (we may toss in a few non sport ideas along the way)
"Only motor racing, mountain climbing and bull fighting are true sports, the rest are merely children's games played by adults." - Barnaby Conrad

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Woodcraft Technologies 2015 Yamaha FZ07 Clipon Adapter Plate

2015 Yamaha FZ07
Clipon Adapter Plate:  12-0407AP

Our handlebar raiser system changes the OEM designed feel of the bike by changing the angle and placement of the handlebars to accommodate the more aggressive rider.
This is a special billet plate that bolts in place of the OEM handlebar and gives FZ07 riders a more aggressive riding position.
The Woodcraft riser plate system gives your bike a custom look while making the handlebar placement adjustable with the use of our various riser heights. Handlebar tubes which are kept as separate pieces allow for inexpensive replacement in the event of a crash.

Our exclusive design will set your bike apart at the race track or your local bike night.
     This adapter plate can be run with the clipon risers either pointed up or down, giving riders the option for a 15 minute changeover from a "street" to "track" position.   In addition, the use of standard handlebars allows for easy replacements and less damage in the event of a crash.  These billet aluminum units look great and allow riders to assume a much more natural stance for sport riding.

The drop from the OEM bar height (measured from the end of the bar) is as follows:

  • 1.5 inch riser "up" - 2.25 inches
  • 1 inch riser "up" - 2.75 inches
  • 1 inch riser "down" - 3.25 inches
  • 1.5 inch riser "down" - 3.75 inches (best for racing)
Retail Price: $239.99
Part number        Description
12-1407                Yamaha FZ07 Adapter Plate with 1 inch risers
12-2407                Yamaha FZ07 Adapter Plate with 1.5 inch risers

Friday, May 22, 2015

MOTARD Rental Bikes & 3 Day Racer Performance Improvement Guarantee!

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ID: 42350Starting with our June events, Penguin will now be offering 2015 Kawasaki KXF450 Motard rental bikes! Ever see the motard racers at Loudon having a blast and want to join in? Do you know a dirt rider who is reluctant to try to track on a road bike? Do you know a kid who has only ridden dirt bikes and wants a fantastic way to get into riding the track? These bikes are an absolute blast, and should clear away a number of barriers for many riders who have perhaps had objections to trying out our sport in the past. Speaking from personal experience, motard bikes are incredibly fun to ride on the track. When I introduced my own son to the track, I put him on a motard (in the pouring rain that day) and he absolutely loved it. The tracks that we are offering these bikes (Loudon and Thompson) are two of the very best road courses for motard bikes in the country. We are looking forward to seeing the smiles on people's faces as they ride these awesome machines!

The Penguin 3 Day June Racer Performance Improvement Guarantee

Racers, if you want to drop your times - this is the way. We Guarantee it!

What's the program? Simple. Attend the three Penguin days in June - June 8th atThompson and the two day school at Loudon June 17-18
Why the three days? Most riders have run an event or two at NHMS already this season. The cobwebs are shaken off, and if you're like most riders you're riding a similar pace to last season (and maybe the season before that, and the season before that). To get out of the rut, many riders need to form new habits. Enter Thompson. This is not a track we race, so there is no pressure for lap times. The nature of the track has proven to be a fantastic place to work on technique (riding position, body inputs, etc...). With the lap time pressure gone, riders have shown the ability to actually focus on things that provide improvement for the LONG TERM! Enter Loudon With a day at Thompson under your belt, we take our two day program and give you focused 1 on 1 attention to take your improved technique and apply it to drop your times.
Who does it work for? Everyone. Newer riders - it's almost too easy. We've had guys drop 6 seconds a lap with this program (no kidding). We also just proved it again with an Expert level racer who did a two day program (one track day like Thompson and one race school). After our event he ran a personal best (fastest in years - riding the same bike) and beat several riders he had never beat before...and this guy is fast (approaching the 1:16 level on an SV).
What does it cost? $750 for the three days
What extras do I get? Every rider will get a free Garmin Video clip at NHMS with full GPS data
How many spots are there We are accepting 8 racers into this program
How do I sign up? Just go to the Penguin site and sign up for both events. The first 8 riders are eligible and we'll announce when the program is full.

Sign up for Thompson Event - CLICK HERE

Sign up for NHMS 2 Day Event - CLICK HERE

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Contest (among the 8 riders) - Rider with the biggest improvement will get a FREE $399 Garmin HD Video Camera
Performance measurement We'll take your best lap as recorded by LRRS in 2015. The rider with the biggest improvement will win the camera. Winner to be announced here on the Monday after the classic

Where are all your friends going?

There are already many users on TSU and of course you can use my invite link to join.

The main goal of Tsu is to use it like any social network. To be honest in these early days there has definitely been a spam fest of follow me follow you type tactics. Now the big thing with many users is they forget that earnings are going to be driven my user interaction. So making a page that is all follow for follow or shout-out may not get you the consistent group you are looking for over time.

More info Click these links

To join Click Here

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Yamaha R1 2015 Rear Set Kit

The wait is over! Order yours today!
These rearsets have already been tried and tested by two top Moto America riders and they were super happy with the results.  Woodcraft durability combined with lots of adjustment and std/gp shift with the OEM quickshifter!
The full rearset kit consists of the rearset plates, footpegs and all of the needed hardware to install the kit properly, plus a complete shift pedal with an adjustable toe peg. These kits assume that you currently have the OEM rearsets on your bike and use a few pieces of the OEM mounting hardware. They are made from tough, aircraft grade 6061 T6 Aluminum for race grade durability and anodized with a black finish.
This kit has eccentric pegs that have 12 positions of adjustment ranging from 1/4" lower than stock to over an inch higher than stock.

This kit can be used in either standard or GP shift position and is designed to work perfectly with the OEM quickshifter in either arrangement.