Friday, January 24, 2014

A company which supports the production of Green Power here in the USA - Save energy costs, save the environment and create a profitable business for yourself

Recently I was introduced to a company which supports the production of Green Power here in the USA and I wanted to share it with you. The company is expanding across the country as these services are deregulated.  Their sales format allows you to reduce energy costs in the home or business for you and your family and the opportunity to create a lucrative part time business for yourself if interested.

Just like back in the day when the telephone business was deregulated and broken up which allowed many companies jump in and created competition, the same is happening in the energy business.

North American Power is one of the companies that was created from this deregulation. What they have done is created a company which is basically owned  by their customers instead of a large corporate conglomerate. They created a format where their customers do the marketing for them and are paid for doing so, rather than purchasing expensive TV and print advertising. By creating this business opportunity, which involves customers, they were named in Forbes Magazine's top one hundred. The first company of its kind to ever be listed in the top 100. At this time many of the products are available in the North East portion of the US but more states are being added monthly. The company offers 25% Green and 100% Green electric, Clean Gas and American Wind power.  What this means is that the power coming into your home is certified to be green. For instance, your local power company still maintains the lines and delivers the power to your home but North American Power purchases power created by green sources and feeds it into the grid in your name. For those people who are currently not in an area where green electric and clean gas are currently available you can still be involved by purchasing a $20.00 per month American Wind certificate which is used to support the building of wind farms in the US and by doing this you certify that your home is partially wind powered.

You can sign up to just be a customer and help the US toward self sufficient Green Energy or you can also get more involved and pass the word around to your friends and family and create your own part time business in doing so. If you switch your electric to North American Power they will send you a $50 Visa gift card just for switching. Of course it is a form of a multilevel marketing business but you can feel good in the fact that you are saving people some money to purchase the much needed energy and doing this while helping to push the USA toward energy independence. It is going to happen whether you are involved or not so you may as well jump in and help while getting a little piece of this monetary pie for you and your family.

If you are ready, go to this website and under "View Rates and Plans" enter your zip code to see what energy services and rates are available in your area. Compare to your current bill then sign up.

Look it over, evaluate it and make your own opinion and share your thoughts with me whether you are interested in becoming a customer a partner or not.

Thank you
Steve Aspland
Rising Sun Cycles LLC
A lot of people go through life doing things badly. Racing’s important to men who do it well. When you’re racing, it... it’s life. Anything that happens before or after... is just waiting. - Steve McQueen as Michael Delaney in the 1971 film "Gran Prix"

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New RuckPack Blood Orange Flavor In stock

New RuckPack Blood Orange Flavor In stock

Energy Drinks and Caffeine Related Problems
There has been a lot of talk about all the High Energy drinks that primarily rely on Caffeine causing major health problems.

Mostly for frequent users and certainly for those who abuse by over indulging or adding alcohol to the mix. This is not a current problem, it has been been on going for many years, but has escalated due to the rushed life style we all now live and the need for more energy to keep up. Read this article from the Journal of the American Medical Association.
The makers of Ruck-Pack knew that there had to be a better way
and they created a caffeine free energy shot.
Once you try it you will realize that caffeine is not the answer and those
two cups of coffee you had this morning are enough caffeine for the day.


RuckPack is the combination of an energy shot BATTLE TESTED and nutritional supplement; defining a new category within the energy drink and sports energy drink markets – Peak Performance Nutrition. The only nutritional shot created on the battlefield by Special Operations Forces Marines for the rigor of war, RuckPack is proven to sustain peak mental and physical performance.
RuckPack was developed by Robert Dyer, an active duty Marine Corps Officer and other Special Ops Marines to provide a single source of supplemental nutrition for troops in the battlefield. Officer Dyer’s vision was to produce a power-packed vitamin & energy shot capable of delivering maximum performance, caffeine-free.

PEAK PERFORMANCE NUTRITIONRuckPack is now available to elite athletes, and other active people seeking a boost in energy, endurance, and overall health from natural sources.

Packed with natural (clean!) energy and loaded with essential vitamins, RuckPack® delivers only what the body needs, and nothing more, in a delicious 2oz shot earning a BevNET 4 out of 5 stars.
All RuckPack ingredients work together to promote lasting energy and core wellness.
No empty energy. No niacin flush. No shakes. No jolt. No crash. No nasty chemical aftertaste.
RuckPack focuses on attitude, sharp cognitive skills, strong bones, electrolyte charged bodies, good circulation, strong muscles, healthy joints, and a responsive immune system


Vitamins: C, B6, B12, D3
Electrolytes: Calcium, Magnesium, PotassiumBranch Chained Amino AcidsOther: Theobromine, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Alpha-Glyceral Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC) Click the image below to see the label.
 Steven Aspland

Monday, January 6, 2014

Guide to guitar patterns – Learning Guitar from a different perspective

Welcome to the Guide to Guitar Patterns.

Learning Guitar from a different perspective – When you see the simplified presentation of fret patterns you will be amazed at how easy this will make getting by the initial steps of understanding the mechanics of guitar playing.Written by a friend of mine from an engineering perspective.

This study guide presents some of the patterns to be discovered and explored as you learn the guitar fretboard. It is intended to assist the new guitarist on how patterns are developed and show how the patterns move as you learn and change Key Signatures. The text of this booklet is to add a description to the obvious patterns and general directional guide for the next step.
In these first 10 lessons, you will learn the pattern of scales and the pattern of the modes. As you learn how to change scales and how the modes are formed within each scale, you will start to unlock the patterns on the fretboard for the major scales and the modes within them.
Once the patterns become obvious, it becomes easy to learn the pattern and apply the pattern. It was in the development of the patterns for the authors own personal use that the many figures were generated to replicate the pattern and see how the patterns move from key to key and from fretboard position to fretboard position. With a couple of simple patterns, more complex patterns can be generated, learned and practiced.
In these 63 pages are 41 figures mainly to show the fretboard, key signatures, chords within the key and layout of the bass and treble clefs with sharps and flats. Ten lessons for a little more than half the price of one private lesson.

This study guide does not replace proper schooling, good instructional methods or good technique. It is a graphical representation of the guitar fretboard for scales and modes of the different keys. It is intended to assist the new guitarist on how patterns are developed and show how the patterns move as you learn and change Key Signatures. The text of this booklet is to add a description to the obvious patterns and general directional guide for the next step. This guide will make some assumptions on the skill level of the guitarist, the knowledge of the guitarist and the enthusiasm of the guitarist.

Use the tables provided in the book to help schedule some dedicated practice time. Write in the blocks the time you start practicing and the time you finish. Add notes to the side block if it helps. Get a calendar and mark that up if it helps also.

 Anything you do to help you schedule and practice is great!
Go and do it!
lessons 11-21 coming out in April 2014.
CLICK HERE to Order your copy – Download Only.  $9.95
Payment and fulfillment for this product will run through my Rising Sun Cycles E commerce site. Do not be alarmed! We have been in business for 20 years and just helping a friend market his book.

For any questions and suggestions contact the author at 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Yen Falls Most Since 1979 as BOJ’s Kuroda Seeks to End Deflation

Rising Sun Cycles has been supplying road racing supplies, GP bikes and replacement parts since 1998. Steve has been in the motorcycle business and involved in racing and teaching since the early seventies, (yes the older I get the faster I was and Google does not go back that far. - no internet or cell phones, how did we survive?).

For those of us who have been racing these special, limited production 2-stroke Grand Prix machines we have seen the cost of replacement parts float from acceptable to “I think I will sit this one out”.  Most of this was due to the currency exchange. Since 2008 when a US dollar would buy you almost 120 YEN we have seen it get as bad as a US dollar only being worth 74 YEN in 2012. That is close to a 50% markup in cost to us in purchasing these items. Now in 2014 the Bank of Japan is trying to end deflation and the US dollar is finally worth back over 100 YEN. Let’s hope it continues to strengthen.

As I have said in the past, parts supplies from Honda and Yamaha will be winding down for our 2-stroke GP Machines.
As you may know, Honda planed to produce parts for the RS125 though the end of 2012, which has pasted and for the most part we can still purchase what we need to keep these machines on the track. The more we order they seem to continue to deliver so what this means is that "if we order it, they may still make it".
Primarily RSC have been handling parts and accessories for the Honda and Yamaha hand-made, l ow volume, and purpose built GP machines. Due to the nature of these machines there have been many changes over the years and in most cases after 5 or 6 years some parts could become hard or impossible to purchase. Or in many cases prices have gone up from the manufactures a lot more than any of us would like to see. The problem is that due to the AMA and world racing changing the nature of their entertainment business the makers of these machines can no longer subsidize these parts.  Many racing supplies were sold by the manufactures at or below cost to help maintain the particular sport for their advertising purposes. Therefore companies Like Honda and Yamaha who have been big supporters of racing for many years have to decide whether to continue supplying these parts or not. If they are going to supply them then they must at least break even if not try to make a small profit.  I would much rather the parts were available even at a higher cost then not available at all. Unfortunately, if Rising Sun runs out of an item that we have been stocking for some time and has to reorder, the price may have been adjusted at the YEN level in Japan and sometimes to a surprising increase. In spite of the fact that we say “Prices are subject to change without notice” we as well as our customers are many times caught off guard with a staggering increase. We have artificially kept some highly needed parts as inexpensive as we can afford to help you keep your bikes on the track (i.e. Honda pistons which have doubled then double again in the last 12 years and RS125 crankshafts both of which mathematically should be much more in line with some of the kit part pricing). We have seen 50-100% increases on some items especially in Yamaha parts. This means that we have to correct our current prices with every incoming stock order. Then roll in the fact that the US economy, which pretty much caused this world financial crisis, has caused our US dollar to be worth as much as 50% less against the Japanese YEN in the last 6 years. This has caused prices to rise quite a bit on many of these short run items. Also due to the lesser demand, production of these needed items is down so we run into periods between production runs when we are backordered on many items. Some of these can be show stoppers as when the RS125 Honda cranks were unavailable or almost 4 months back in 2009. To help counteract this shortage we purchased all the VHM rod kits we could get our hands on so that cranks could be rebuilt. Besides direct costs of parts there are the shipping costs which sometimes can be surprising for our export customers even though each order confirmation includes a link to our explanation of these costs. (No one seems to read it so please CLICK HERE and read it now).
So if you have plans to keep your bike running and fresh and be ready for next year without shortages of parts, you need to plan ahead. So think forward and plan your future needs, Place your orders for future shipment and we can plan our inventory needs and give Honda and Yamaha a reason to produce more of these needed parts. For many years, we at Rising Sun Cycles have been sourcing these parts from third party manufacturers as well as the OEMs to keep these machines on the track. We have had a few customers be proactive and place stock orders but there are many of these bikes in the field. We can no longer stock enough parts to supply projected needs here in the US, so we are just reminding you that it will get harder to purchase what we need to keep these short run, purpose built GP machines running. We do not what to have to tell you that the part you need to ride next weekend is no longer available or is not on our shelves, so we are doing our best to stock the most important items..Honda is already running on inventory only for the RS250 and has shut down their RS250 support department many years back. I would assume that this is the case for Yamaha as well.
Also, if any of you are planning to sell your GP machines, we have buyers looking. So email us a few pictures, a good description of the bike and spares available, sales price and your contact info. We will post it to our "Bikes for Sale" section of the site for a small listing fee and percentage of the sale.
We at Rising Sun Cycles work hard to continue to make these OEM and aftermarket replacement parts as available as possible for all of us enthusiasts.
We have been supporting the sport as best we can from product certificates all the way to having given away a New Honda RS125 for many  years in conjunction with the USGPRU.
Also, if you are no longer racing the 2-stroke GP bikes that we have been supporting, please think of us if you are looking for parts and accessories for your current race bike or street machine. We have new site which makes all things motorcycle available to you from us.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Steve Aspland
Rising Sun Cycles LLC

US Importer for
Battle Factory Products
GPS Lap Timer/Recorder

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A lot of people go through life doing things badly. Racing’s important to men who do it well. When you’re racing, it... it’s life. Anything that happens before or after... is just waiting. - Steve McQueen as Michael Delaney in the 1971 film "Gran Prix"