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Have You Been looking for a Grand Prix Race Motorcycle for Track Days or Racing?

We have 2 more 2004 RS125R
New in the crate with spares kits

If you are interested in more information, send an email to us at

New Yamaha-Powered GP Tech Moto3
Orders are now being taken.

Racebike Debuted October 7-9, 2011 During the USGPRU Season Finale
CLICK HERE for more information . . .

Customers Bikes - For Sale

2004 Honda RS125

Built and maintained by Roland Cushway. Previous owner Deion Campbell. Original owner Cameron Beaubier

$8,000.00 OBO
On this bike:
Crank 300mi
Top End 30mi
Head cut by Roland Cushway
Cylinder work by Roland Cushway
Clutch 30mi
Talon Clutch Basket
Stock Wheels
HRC Kit Pipe
New Battle Factory Rear Sets
Electronic Shifter
New Beasley Body Work
Ohlin Rear shock
Front Suspension w/Ohlin Cartridges
Galfer Wave Full Floating Rotor Front & Rear
2 sets Tire Warmers
Front Stand
Rear Stand
Footpeg Stand

$1000's of dollars in spares. I'll be adding more photos this weekend. 
Large Spares List Availiable Upon Request Ohlins spares, heads, etc.

Photos at:

Contact Info Call or email 
Ara Ashjian 

1994 Yamaha TZ125

Bought in '04, raced a bit over three seasons, then put away. Raced extensively before me (ex-Mark Stiles bike). Forks & shock rebuilt in '04 by 4&6 in Chicago. Cylinder replated by Milennium Technologies in '04, still looks like new. Crankshaft rebuilt in '05 by Wavetech of Plainfield IL. Two race weekends on it after that. Bodywork fair, but usable. Comes with front and rear stands, lots of small spares - gaskets, gears, levers, etc., as well as extra wheels with rains. Parts & repair manuals. Extra set of Michelin slicks, unused and always bagged. Jetting & set up records for all midwestern tracks. Bike is in Mount Prospect IL

Asking $2500 for all.

Robert Clauss


1992 honda NSR250SP LIMITED ED ROTHMANS. only 1,500 made. California titled as 1992 nsr250 11 dig vin.Complete frame off restoration. New pilot powers, crank, topend, dry clutch, mc28 front lowers, with 2006 CBR600rr calipers, new f/r ebc padds original painted magteck rims, original clean tank, new aftermarket body set, complete carb rebuild,stock exhaust, derestricted PGM 3. 500 KM on fully freeway tested rebuild. new chain sprockets, looks and runs like new. stock injector oil system installed. steel Brade front brake lines. complete swingarm service/ seals/ bearings lube/ headstock new bearings. steering dampener near new SP/heads/ cylinders.
Location: Santa Barbara, CA  Contact James Wilberger

$9500 (santa barbara)

1998 Honda CB50v Dream, 50cc.
In the 1990s 
Honda paid tribute to its 50cc world champion Gran Prix racers of the '60s with the production of this DOHC, single cylinder, dual exhaust Gran Prix styled beauty.  This model, which has all the accessories to make it road legal was intended for the Japanese market and was not officially imported to the States by Honda.  Some dealers were able to obtain the off-road version which had no lights, etc.  This extremely rare and collectible beauty runs super and is perfect for the collector's family room, office, study or is eligible for USCRA Moto Giros under like design rules.  It did in fact compete and win the 50cc Moto Giro class held several yeas ago in New York
Approx 500 km.  Owners manual, parts manual and extra key included in sale.

        $4500.00 obo.  Located in Ct. Contact:Rich @ 860-643-9386

USED Parts Washer:
Single Tank Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit

 - Model CMC 3523

Industrial Ultrasonic unit with programmable heat and ultrasonics
- 230 Volts
- High Performance  CLICK HERE  for more information

Steven Aspland
Rising Sun Cycles LLC
US Importer for Battle Factory Products
GPS Lap Timer/Recorder
Bonded Importer # 9912AZ725
 860-916-3696http://www.rscycles.comRising Sun Cycles on Facebook – Click Here

Saturday, May 25, 2013

THE BARBER VINTAGE FESTIVAL Vintage Motorcycle Auction

Our annual East Coast Vintage Motorcycle Auction is Now At

OCTOBER 11-13, 2013


The BARBER VINTAGE FESTIVAL attracted 68,000
vintage motorcycle enthusiasts in 2012 and is rapidly growing.
We have made a long-term commitment to our friends at the
Barber Museum and firmly believe that we can do the best job
for our sellers and buyers at this great event. This will be a
well advertised, well attended auction.

We will be going back to a large tent in addition to the building this year
with a stage and seating.

Please join us at Barber for the auction, the giant swap meet, AHRMA
roadracing, motocross, cross country and other exciting venues, along
with the fabulous BARBER MOTORSPORTS MUSEUM! This is like
“Disney World” for motorcyclists! Make your reservations now, just
Google "hotels: Birmingham, Alabama" choose and sign up. Come early
and stay late for an experience that you will never forget!

Please watch our web site for auction information that will be posted
soon. We already have some great bikes and we will sell out of auction
spots. Your bikes will be exposed to the world, so register yours early.

We are now starting to post motorcycles that are being consigned
to the auction.
CLICK HERE for Barber auction news, consignment list and photos.
e mail:

J. Wood and Company
8735 West Riverwood Drive, Crystal River, Florida 34428

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rising Sun Cycles, Yamaha and GPtech have been working on a Moto3 project

by  | on May 23, 2013
Rising Sun Cycles, Yamaha and GPtech have been working on a Moto3 project.
RSC helped GPtech with some needs to make the MotoGP appearance.

If you have not seen our progress on our Moto3 project CLICK on the picture.

Moto3 project
Moto3 project

GPtech and Geoff Maloney were given a wild card entry at the Moto GP in Texas this year and Sarni Motorsports asked Geoff his thoughts on the experience. That conversation is below.

Testing or MotoGP at Austin TX
Testing or MotoGP at Austin TX
MOTOGP – The Red Bull MotoGP of The Americas which was on April 19-21, 2013 was the debut of motorcycle racing’s premier-class at Austins Circuit of the Americas. This was the 22nd Grand Prix held in the United States. The first two were at Daytona in 1964 and 1965. Laguna Seca has hosted 14 and Indianapolis Motor Speedway has hosted the MotoGP World Championship five times.
One of the interesting storylines of this weekend’s Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas is that of the US wild card entry of Geoff Maloney’s GP Tech squad. He took time out this morning to speak with Sarni Motorsports about their independent effort.
GS: Previously you have entered a Moto2 wild card with Jason Disalvo and last year in MotoGP with Aaron Yates. The last we talked you hadn’t announced a rider or sponsors for this year’s three US rounds. Who will be riding for you this weekend at COTA?
GM: Mike Barnes, who has raced on and off with me since 2000 will ride the No. 44 GP Tech CRT entry. Ironically he is 44 years-old and is the oldest rider on the grid.
GS: Who else, besides your company GP Tech, is involved in the entry?
GM: We have technical and sponsor assistance from KWS in Charleston, South Carolina who built the engine. BCL from Canada made the frame. The suspension is Öhlins all around.
GS: Do you feel that by entering three races this year that you will be able to build your momentum through the miles run in the previous races, allowing for further development of the bike?
GM: Absolutely, our goal is to improve and to continue to learn and develop.
GS: Can you elaborate on engine configuration of your entry?
GM: The engine is a Suzuki based 1000cc in-line four cylinder.
GS: How much testing have you been able to do and what are your expectations for this weekend in Austin.
GM: We were able to run at both of the official Bridgestone tire tests here at COTA. We are just out to simply do the best we can.
GS: Thanks Geoff, good luck this weekend, have fun and enjoy the experience.
GM: Right on, thanks for your interest Greg.
Unfortunately, Geoff Maloney’s GP Tech squad never generated enough pace to allow them to start the race, but look forward to their next opportunity at Laguna Seca on July 21st. The Grand Prix of Spain is on May 5th. The race will be broadcast live on SPEED at 8 AM EDT.
Follow more racing at
Sarni Motorsports
75 Altamont Avenue
Melrose, MA 02176
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The US Dollar has Strengthen Greatly against the Japanese YEN

The US Dollar has Strengthen Greatly against the Japanese YEN
Steve Aspland 
As all our Grand Prix customers know, prices of these limited production parts had increased greatly since the economic crash or 2009. Due to most of our needed parts being supplied from Japan and the fact that the Japanese YEN became one of the strongest currencies on the planet for the last 4 years, the prices of these products have gone up over 50%. The good news is that prices are starting to come down substantially as new stock arrives. This was caused mostly because of the currency exchange but there are other factors. Read the article I wrote back in 2009 for more info, CLICK HERE. Back in 2007 a US dollar would buy you 120 YEN, in late 2008 it started a spiral down to as little as 74 YEN for the same dollar (that is over a 40% increase in costs).. We have suddenly moved back up to over 100 YEN per US dollar. This will make riding our GP bikes affordable again. Let's hope it stays good for a while.

Please Note: If you are ordering HRC/Honda or Yamaha 2-stroke parts please place your order using a card
rather than a PayPal account unless you have contacted us first to check availability.As you know many of these items are no longer available, superseded or there may be a price change depending on where on the planet we need to search to find them. Our list of these parts is informational and may not reflect current inventory. This may require us to refund to your PayPal account. Where using a charge card allows us to bill out for less than the card was authorized for a partial shipment.

Thank you

Steve Aspland
Rising Sun Cycles LLC

US Importer for Battle Factory Products
Bonded Importer # 9913F8884

A Safety Solution - Long Overdue - 6D Helmets!
One of the Greatest advancements in helmet Technology in 50 years! - For motocross only at this time.Limited Stock.
  6D Off Road Helmets

RePlay XD720 and 1080 HD Cameras
Prices start at $149.99
ReplayHD Camera
FREE w/Replay XD thru March 31, 2013  - 8GB Micro SD (microSDHC) Memory Card
plus FREE Shipping of your Replay Camera via Priority Mail within the United States

SBS Racing Brakes Pads
SBS Brake Pads