Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Predictive Lap Timing feature integrating into Qstarz GPS Lap Timer LT-Q6000

Predictive Lap Timing feature integrating into Qstarz GPS Lap Timer LT-Q6000

Since 2010, the QSTARZ line has been available through Rising Sun Cycles LLC, a leading supplier of Grand Prix racing supplies in the USA with business worldwide.
Taipei Taiwan, July 19, 2013

Qstarz GPS Lap Timer Color LT-Q6000 is racers’ best companion and it’s incredibly accurate. For common racers it can display your real-time racing performance and organize analysis data to know how you race. For advanced racers, it can improve your racing performance by precise data analysis either from device or QRacing software. Currently LT-Q6000 have the Comparison function to compare with “Best Lap” and “Last Lap”, and they can let racers know you are faster or slower than best or last lap when passing split or start/finish line. However to meet more users’ experience, Qstarz team add the “Predictive Lap Timing” option into Comparison function. “Predictive Lap Timing” function is featured to predict the lap time which is about to complete. It can predict you will be getting faster or slower than the previous best. So racers might consider to adjust driving to see if possible to reach new record of best lap. All these diversified comparison function can help racers to improve their driving performance on Track days or daily training. Then you can be more confident for getting faster adopting better skill on Race day.

“Predictive Lap Timing” feature will be integrated into LT-Q6000 new firmware v1.02.16. This latest firmware v1.02.16 is now downloadable from Qstarz website.

After upgrading the Q6000 new firmware, you just select “Predictive” from Compare setting. Then you can start racing, and will be constantly updating the time prediction compared to best lap.

Download here the LT-Q6000 upgraded firmware v1.02.16: 

How to upgrade the LT-Q6000 firmware: 

For more information about GPS Lap Timer Color, please go tohttp://www.rscycles.com/category_s/373.htm

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